Sunbelt Electric, Inc. is a competitive electrical company serving the valley since 1989. We service over 10,000 homes a year. Sunbelt Electric utilizes a variety of technologies to ensure a smooth service process from start to finish.

We provide a variety of electrical services:

Sunbelt Response to COVID-19

Sunbelt Electric Inc is dedicated to providing the safest working environment possible for our customers and technicians; we have initiated guidelines and protocols for all of our services.

  • Provide employees with sanitizers and wipes to maintain cleanliness for every call
  • Daily check-ins our technicians and their families to verify no illnesses
  • Qualify the homes we visit for NO illness
  • Provide masks on an as needed basis
  • No fees for cancelled or rescheduled service appointments

Our technicians and office staff understand the importance of a safe working environment for you and your family.   Please rest assured we are doing everything we can to maintain quality service while also continuing to follow CDC safety guidelines during our interactions with all of our valued customers.